The Business:

img_about.jpgZhejiang Hannuo Electric Co., Ltd. Has been committed to providing customers with high-quality electrical products since its establishment. We mainly produce control relays, protection relays, measuring meters, power factor controller, AC contactors, circuit breakers, etc More than 200 general electrical products and products in power quality management.

Hannuo Electric's number one priority is to meet customer needs with quality products and outstanding reliability. We emphasize continuous design and productivity improvements to provide real value to our customers.

We will keep in touch with our customers with a modest heart based on the business philosophy of "fine and specialized", and promise to do our best to create the highest satisfaction and achievement in everything with our customers.

All of us at Hannuo Electric are committed to continuously challenging and innovating in creating customer value and becoming a more reliable global company.

Company Values:

  • Respect

  • Can do

  • Fearless

  • Forward Looking



Contact Details:

Address: Dongfeng Industrial Zone Yueqing, Zhejiang, 325604, P.R.China

TEL:+86-577-57171337              E-mail:



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Dongfeng Industrial Zone Yueqing, Zhejiang, 325604, P.R.China
Phone: +86-577-57171337 Fax: +86-577-57171336